Friday, October 21, 2005

In the Beginning...

So the odyssey begins. After consultation with Kathy, I just clicked on the purchase button, and the kit to build our Passagemaker Dinghy wooden sailboat is on its way from Chesapeake Light Craft. Delivery is promised within a week, which should be enough time for me to pick up the other sundry supplies I'll need, like saw horses and plenty of clamps!

This is a first for me. I've never built anything of wood. Beyond screwing together some inexpensive furniture from Bombay Company, the world of woodworking is entirely new to me. But I rationalize things thus: I am intelligent. I can assemble recombinant HIV viruses and engineer new genes. Surely I can catch on to simple woodworking techniques. And I have many resources behind me. Friends and family with experience. And the internet, through which I can call on myriad resources. So hopefully, I can see the project through to completion.

That's the other big worry, though. With a busy life, will this project be partially completed, only to be abandoned when the novelty wears off, or a serious difficulty is encountered? Stay tuned...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter have fun building your boat. I had a chance to row that model when CLC came to Holland Michigan and I liked it. I built the Skerry two years ago and absolutly love it. has a Skerry build site and forums if you have any questions.

best of luck,

8:23 AM  

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