Monday, October 31, 2005


Never a big fan of catsup (or even ketchup), I am nonetheless filled with anticipation of the arrival of my boat kit. Chesapeake Light Craft claims a shipping time of at most 7 days after ordering, yet there is no word that my kit is on its way from Maryland to Alabama. Well, as they say, good things come to those who wait, yada, yada. Meanwhile, I have purchased another batch of necessary tools at HarborFreight. If the boat doesn't arrive soon, I won't have room for it in my garage for all the tools. But purchased on this trip was a flush cut, or Japanese saw ($8.99), set of two draw planes ($15) including a small block plane, and an 18-volt cordless hammer drill ($29.99, marked down from $60). I still am on the search for the large number of clamps that will be required for parts of the boat construction. As the curved planks are wired, then epoxied into place, many C-clamps or spring clamps are needed. A purchase for a future trip...


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