Thursday, November 10, 2005

Saturday kick-off

I am still studying the plans for the boat project. The job ahead seems very do-able, even for one such as me with no woodworking experience to speak of. Just a fair amount of common sense. However, the project does seem a bit daunting. The second reading of the instruction book is when the details really become apparent. No one step will be insumountably difficult, but plenty of elbow grease and patience will be required for a quality final product. Already, I am beginning to doubt the 100 hours estimate is realistic. No matter; even going beyond the self-imposed deadline by a sizable margin won't waste too much of the sailing season. Even if I am ready to sail by early March, it won't be too early. The real salty sailing dogs that I know-- up in Maine-- are still shovelling snow in March while I will be sailing in shorts and a t-shirt.

So the project kicks off this Saturday with the joining of the scarf joints. A high of 72 degrees is forecast for saturday, with full sun. Perfect for epoxy curing! Meanwhile, progress on other fronts: a few weeks ago, I installed a trailer hitch on Kathy's 2004 Saturn VUE. Though the boat can be car-topped feasibly, I think things will be easer with a small boat trailer. I have yet to install the plug-in trailer wiring harness, but it looks like a straightforward job.


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