Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Study hour

One boat. Some assembly required.
After the rush DVD job, I was able to study the instruction booklet for the the Passagemaker Dinghy kit last night. Did I say booklet? The tome runs 89 pages. But is seems very well written and if full of helpful illustrations. The first step will be to join the scarf joints of several pieces of lumber. The overall boat will be longer than any one peice of wood in the kit, so the shorter pieces have to be spliced together with epoxy. I'll plan to do this in a day or two, so they will be completely cured and ready to use by the weekend. Our record setting warm November weather (set a new record high of 82 degrees yesterday) will help- the epoxy curing process is dramatically slowed in cool temperatures.

That DVD? I was asked by the mayor of Helena to crank out a copy of my concert video of Bo Bice's May visit to Helena. It is to be included in a retirement gift basket for the mayor of nearby Pelham, AL.


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