Friday, December 16, 2005


To those who might be wondering about the lack of activity the last couple of days, fear not. I haven't lost interest in the project; merely a lack free time this past week. I have been spending evenings doing chores that range from the mundane to the sublime. For example, haircut, Christmas gift shopping, laundry, and even a Free the Hops meeting. And now for the next couple of days, I will be traveling out of town. But I'll be counting the minutes until I am able to return to the boat. Hull assembly is tantalizingly close, and we should soon see some tangible results of all the effort.

So until then, prospective builders might find this article as interesting as I did. As a scientist working with HIV and other deadly viruses and chemicals, I am used to taking safety precautions. And I found this article very helpful in re-emphasizing how much care must be exercised in boatbuilding.


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