Monday, November 28, 2005

Down and back

Tonight's tasks included the joining of the scarf joint for the bottom panel, and the bonding of the doubler to the stern transom. The bottom panel went well, after all the practice doing the same thing to the side strakes. It is just a little wider joint, and required care to get the two panels aligned and centered. With a string line, I measured the center down each panel to keep it straight.

Though I hadn't planned to do it, I had enough Cabo-sil thickened epoxy left over that I quickly did the reinforcing doubler on the stern transom. The parts are very accurately cut, and it was a quick deal to coat them, align, and clamp them together. I will later round the lower border of the doubler; it will give me a chance to try out my new router. Everything was then covered by a light sheet of plastic. With the heavy rain we had today, when the garage door is opened later tonight and tomorrow morning, water can drip on the bare wood and leave spots. Total hours 10.50.


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