Saturday, November 19, 2005

Luke, I am your father.

The process of bonding scarf joints is coming to a close. The final pair of side planks was epoxied this morning, and tomorrow I will do the bottom panel of the hull, which is a bigger job, and the alignment may be a little more complicated. After that, a laborious process of coating each piece of lumber with epoxy begins. Two coats on each strake, bulkhead, transom, and seat panel are needed to give the wood parts total waterproof-ness. A big part of the job will be sanding between each coat. This is necessary to produce a smooth finish when the assembled boat is painted and varnished. According to the kit instructions, the dust from sanding can be irritating, and the silica can be detrimental to health. So with a respirator to protect against dust, and a headset to cut the drone of the sander, I am ready to soon enter the next phase of boat building. Total hours 4.00.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter (or should I say Luke?), great blog... please keep the posting as I'm about to purchase the same kit and I hope to learn from your efforts.

7:26 PM  

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