Sunday, November 27, 2005

Take four...

The second coat of epoxy on the second side of the strakes was applied today. I'm really getting good at this- after this second coat, very little sanding will be needed before the final finishing of these particular parts. But that is a ways off. There are a number of internal parts that need the same epoxy treatment before the boat is assembled. There are bulkheads, seats, forward and aft transom, and the daggerboard trunk all to be coated. This is actually very nice to be able to pre-treat these parts before assembly. The epoxy can be applied while they are flat, reducing runs and sags of the unthickened epoxy. It is also much faster and easier to get most of the sanding out of the way on simple, flat parts. However, before the internal parts are done, it looks like I need to build up the forward and aft transoms. These parts have "doublers" or re-reinforcement that need to be bonded together before the parts are coated. Temps are holding in the mid 60s, so epoxy curing still can be done reasonably quickly. Total hours 9.50.


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