Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hull shell

The fourth and final pair of strakes was stitched to the shell of the hull tonight. It wasn't as big a problem as I had feared to attach the misaligned strake #4. You'll remember this was the first scarf joint I did, and it somehow shifted under the clamps during the epoxy process, leaving about a 1/4" gap. Despite this flaw, there will be sufficient overlap at the rabbet for a good joint for the whole length of the boat, I think. As it says somewhere in the instruction manual, "Aerospace tolerances need not be attained." This is terribly reassuring to a first-time builder like myself. The gap does the boat no favors aesthetically, but I think structurally it will be fine. The size of the boat is now apparent, and I am happy with how roomy is will be. Total hours 25.50.


Blogger Blake Shoemaker said...

Looking really good, Peter. I have really enjoyed following the progress on here, and it's awesome how the boat is beginning to take shape!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

You're far enough along to think about your next project, one that will give you a reality check on this season called winter and give you and Kathy a reason to be in Maine during our other "sailing" season. Check this out:

BTW, the misaligned strake is nothing. Your Passagemaker is looking good!

24.9F at 2140 EST

8:40 PM  

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