Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Back home, and building again. It was a sunny yet cold afternoon as I did some finishing work on the boat transoms and daggerboard trunk. The stern transom needed some filing and sanding to deal with undetected drips of cabo-sil thickened epoxy from when the doubler was attached. This went much easier than I expected. A new Black and Decker random orbital palm sander made quick work of the drips, while I was careful not to sand through an adjacent layer of plywood veneer. Both transoms received another coat of epoxy, as did the internal sides of the daggerboard trunk, and the mast step brace. As things stand now, it looks like things are nearly ready for stitching. A light sanding of the second epoxy coat on the strakes will be easier to do before stitching. So I will do that tomorrow, and then they will be ready for drilling. Total hours 16.00.


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