Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sail Ahoy!

I've just learned that a package is headed my way via UPS from Chesapeake Light Craft, which can only mean that my sails have been made, and will arrive Friday. Very exciting! I was also thrilled to find out this weekend that the sails are made by Bohndell, a company located in midcoast Maine. Apart from being fine sails, they will provide my boat with a tangible connection to one of my favorite regions of the country. Indeed, over the past two years, Kathy and I have traveled to midcoast Maine no less than three times (and four times in the last seven). Among my many waiting projects is to edit the video footage from our most recent trip (you can view a sneak peek here). With my boat's sails and oars, we tap into the fine wooden boat building tradition that can be found in Maine to this day. While I putter along, building my humble craft, I think about our recent trip to Camden, and boat builders such as William Cannell, a wooden boat building company responsible for absolutely beautiful boat restorations and new construction. Through the efforts of this company, and many others in New England, the proud tradition of wooden boats remains alive and well. It also gives an anonymous first-time boatbuilder in central Alabama plenty of material for daydreams!


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