Saturday, January 21, 2006

Joint filling

With all the stitches removed from the hull (except those temporarily holding the bulkheads in place) it was time to return to the joints between the strakes. The LapStitch joints were fully filled with cabo-sil thickened epoxy, and areas where the stitches had been were filled in. Smoothing things off with a rubber spatula from an auto body shop was the method I used to make things as neat as possible. It was a humid 65 degrees in central Alabama today, and near 70 degrees in the shop, so the epoxy set up fairly fast. Near the end of an hour or so of smoothing, I found the epoxy getting hard to work with. But with the joints all reasonably well filled in and neat, I went over the hull with an alcohol soaked rag to wipe up drips and smears, as well as a couple of drips into the interior of the hull where epoxy had been forced through some of the stitch holes. Total hours 37.00.


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