Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sail Kit

While I struggle with an intermittent internet connection today (it's rather windy, and Charter Cable being the worthless entity it is, can't seem to maintain a connection in a breeze) I unpacked the Passagemaker dinghy sail kit that arrived this week. A wonderful Christmas gift from my dear mother, the kit contains all the hardware to turn the Passagemaker dinghy into a sailboat. Somewhere in transit, the plastic bag holding the tiny metal parts got ripped, so some of the hardware was loose in the packing box. I gathered it all up, and I think nothing was lost, but I'll check it against the packing list soon. The actual sails have been back ordered for 1-2 weeks. No matter, I am still a couple of months away from sailing. But I will be eager to actually see them when they arrive.

Now, on to the turning of the hull, in preparation of sealing the strakes.


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