Saturday, February 04, 2006

Updates soon

Stay tuned- boat updates will continue later today. After finishing up a science manuscript, and a couple of hours of work yet to be done in the lab this morning, I will finally be able to return in earnest to boatbuilding. Later today I will post pictures of the sails, which arrived yesterday. Seems I jumped the gun a bit, saying they were made in Maine. It turns out this set was made by Douglas Fowler Sailmaker of Ithaca, NY. Though it's a bit disappointing not having that psychic tie to Maine, they look to be fine sails.

Viral titer assays await! More later today.


Anonymous Ray Adams said...

Hey Peter,

I'm really impressed with the boat you are building. I sure wish I was as good with my hands as you appear to be. I'm a sailor, have been for years, have you owned a boat previous to this one?

Again, I'm really impressed and just wanted to let you know.

1:32 AM  

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