Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Band of Brothers?

I received a kind e-mail yesterday from a fellow Passagemaker builder. This has happened occasionally, and with increasing frequency. Whether nearly finished, just starting, or merely considering a Passagemaker building project, I enjoy hearing from all Passagemaker builder/owners out there, and trading information with them. I have begun to toy with the idea of setting up an internet forum devoted to Passagemaker dinghy owners. My model would be something like this forum devoted to owners of the Skerry, another of Chesapeake Light Craft's products. Being a curious scientific type, I'd like to know a little more about the Passagemaker owners out there. So I've designed a quick, 10-question survey to gain some insight on what I assume is a growing band of Passagemaker brothers. And sisters. Please take a brief moment to answer the survey. If there is enough interest, perhaps I can set up the forum in the near future. . Click here to take survey Once a useful number of responses are collected, I'll report back with some data.


Blogger Loren said...


I took the survey - I'm sure I'd be a lurker on any Passagemaker builder forum until I actually started to build one (or two).

I'm very eager to hear about your experiences sailing it - my primary purpose for the boat is for my wife and I to teach our kids to sail.

Gig Harbor, WA

6:16 PM  

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