Saturday, February 04, 2006

Interior glass prep

Once back from a morning in the lab, I turned to the task of preparing for glassing the interior. As for the exterior, this involved some sanding. Actually, considerable sanding, in order to clean up some drips of epoxy that had worked through the stitch holes from the exterior. Also, I hadn't yet sanded the scarf joint on the center panel, so that got smoothed out. Once the bottom panel and first strake were clean and ready for glassing, I vacuumed out the interior (I have got to get a shop vac). Then the joint between the first and second strake was masked with packing tape to protect from epoxy overruns.
I also prepared some other parts for tomorrow. With any leftover epoxy from the glassing operation, I can glass the interior of the daggerboard trunk. Since I had already coated these parts with epoxy, I sanded in down and left a rough finished surface. I trimmed some glass cloth scraps to size. I plan to lay the cloth on the parts, then when the epoxy has reached gel stage, I'll use the daggerboard spacers as a template to trim the edges. Thus, the glass will only be on the interior trunk face, while the overall dimensions of the assembled trunk won't be increased by the thickness of the glass. I also have on hand some other parts, ready to be assembled with excess epoxy. Mainsail boom, mast joint and masthead cap, daggerboard handle, and skeg are ready to go.
Finally, I checked out the sails: 77 square feet of Dacron (?) cloth, complete with grommets, telltales, and battens. They look great- I can't wait to try them out! Total hours 44.00.


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