Tuesday, February 21, 2006

DB trunk fillet

With about 6 ounces of wood flour-thickened epoxy, I laid a neat fillet on the joints of the daggerboard trunk/middle seat assembly. This was after unscrewing the DB trunk from the bulkhead where it had been test fitted yesterday. I drilled a small pilot hole through the seat where the channel of the trunk had been marked. This will serve as a marker later on when I open up the slot from the other side for the daggerboard. Peanut butter epoxy was then spread on the interface between the bulkhead and the trunk spacer, and on the top edges of the trunk, where they contact the underside of the seat. The trunk was then returned to its position, screwed back in place, and re-aligned. The epoxy fillet was then applied with the plastic "pastry bag" applicator method. A large radius tongue depressor was used to smooth and shape the fillets, and an alcohol-soaked rag was used to wipe up the few drips. Later on when the epoxy has partially cured, the fillets can be smoothed further. Total hours 53.00.


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