Sunday, February 19, 2006

Survey says...

Some insights from the Passagemaker dingy survey:
  • 60% of respondents own a kit. Of those who don't yet own one, 50% plan to purchase one in the next year.
  • Among the present builders, 33% estimate they are within 60 days of completing their Passagemaker. A similar number are more than three months away from completion.
  • Estimates of building time vary: 16% believe they can complete their Passagemaker in 80 hours. 50% percent will take longer than 110 hours.
  • All respondents report that this is their first boatbuilding project. A majority, 63%, are self-taught. 25% claim some previous woodworking experience.
  • The largest collection of Passagemaker builders are on the East Coast- 44%. The Southeast is home to 22%, and the Midwest and west coast each have 11%. There is even a Passagemaker enthusiast in Alaska!
  • 89% of owners intend to use their Passagemaker as a day sailer. 33% plan to fit an outboard motor, and 22% plan to use it as a tender to a larger vessel.
  • A majority of Passagemaker dinghy sailors (56%)will use their craft on inland water.

There was universal interest in the Passagemaker Dinghy Forum. If you haven't joined yet, why not register today?


Blogger Loren said...


I registered for the forum, never got an e-mail with password, when I clicked on "forgot password" it said I can't receive it because my account is "inactive".


(also the username I registered)

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