Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bow seat

Another batch of peanut butter epoxy, another seat. The bow seat presented its own obstacles during the installation. There was a sizable gap--about 3/4" -- between the #3 and #4 strakes and the edge of the front seat about 8" aft of the bow transom. Whether this is normal, or due to a flaw in my construction, I can't be sure. But it will require a process of building up some layers of epoxy to fill the gap. The space couldn't be spanned by one fillet of epoxy, but will instead require a second fillet be applied later over the one laid down tonight. Apart from the gap that ran for about 10" on either side of the bow seat, everything else went well. There was a very slight curve in the piece of plywood that makes the seat, so I added some weight in the form of my homebrewing propane tank to maintain a tight contact between the seat and the bow bulkhead. In all the rest of the edge, a standard fillet could be applied and smoothed. Total hours 69.75.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking good pete,
seems like youl have her in the water pretty soon.Im only getting started on my PMD but your blog has been a great reference and source of info.
--hows the beermaking going?(mmmm...beer)

7:55 AM  
Blogger Loren said...

"...homebrewing propane tank."

Ha! My wife and I know why you need a propane tank for homebrewing!

You boiled over your wort on your wife's stove, didn't you? Your homebrewing got banished to the garage, didn't it?

Been there, done that.

5:12 PM  

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