Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First skeg fitting

The positioning of the skeg and bottom skids was one of those tasks that require a second pair of hands. Fortunately, Kathy was off work tonight, and was available to help out. A centerline was marked from the stern transom to the daggerboard trunk slot, and four holes were drilled through the bottom panel along this line. The position of the two 41" long bottom skids were also marked, 41" from the stern transom and 7-1/2" from the centerline of the hull. Holes for four #8, 3/4" woodscrews were drilled from the interior and countersunk. Then, with Kathy holding the skids down, the pilot holes were drilled into them and the woodscrews screwed into place. After practice with the skids, the same process was followed with the skeg. The only difference with the skeg was that care was taken to hold it square to the hull as the holes were drilled. With all the parts test fitted and in place, they now are ready for epoxy and final installation tomorrow. Total hours 65.50.


Anonymous Ray Adams said...


I love your finished boat, especially after the sails were added. Looks like a nice gaff rig that should serve you well.

Do you intend on adding a lift for the flip-up rudder?

4:03 PM  

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