Monday, February 27, 2006

Mast Step Support

On the Passagemaker dinghy, the mast is stepped into a plate that is bolted to the bow seat. Underneath the mast is a structural member that supports the downward forces that the mast and stays create. So now that the forward bulkhead is installed, I epoxied the mast step support into position. The center of the bulkhead was marked off. Then the support was test fitted. The lower aft corner had to be knocked off with a rasp in order to clear the fillet on the bulkhead. Once the support was centered, square and plumb, the position was marked. It was then removed and wood flour thickened epoxy was spread on the mating surfaces. The support was then put back in place, and a fillet was smoothed on either side. No masking tape this time, as this part won't be visible in the finished boat. The support stayed in place well, with no need for tape or other temporary bracing to hold it while the epoxy cures. Total hours 58.00.


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