Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bulkhead fillets

The DB trunk/mid seat unit was removed once again. A small pilot hole was drilled through the bottom to mark the DB slot location from the bottom exterior. Then a batch of peanut butter thickened epoxy was mixed up (the whole job ended up needing two batches, a total of 8 pumps from each epoxy dispenser). Using the Zip-loc "pastry bag" dispenser, a bead of epoxy was applied to the bottom face of the DB trunk, where it would contact the hull. The unit was then returned to its position using the felt tip marker orientation marks, and clamped in place. Then, a bead of epoxy was applied the junction of hull and bulkhead for all three parts. The resulting bead was shaped to a clean fillet with a tongue depressor, and excess carefully removed with a rag, or a clean edge of the tongue depressor. After the epoxy partially sets in a few hours, I'll go back to smooth things over, and remove the masking tape. Total hours 57.50.


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