Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Inspection port install

After the assembly of the center seat unit, I turned to the other two bulkheads that will soon be installed in the hull. Reasoning that it would be easier to install the deck plates in a flat piece of plywood, I broke out my hand jig saw. A circle was marked on each bulkhead by tracing around the edge of the deck plate cover. According to the instructions, cutting 1/8" outside this circle would provide the proper sized hole. It was much easier that I anticipated to make an accurate cut. The inspection port in the stern bulkhead was located in the center, while the forward one was moved to the right side to avoid later interference with the mast step support. On the first bulkhead, I drilled little pilot holes for the six screws that hold the port flange in place. This turned out to be unnecessary, as I discovered with the second plate that they were indeed self-tapping, as advertised. Some silicon caulk was applied around the flange before it was screwed down. The result was a nice, clean, watertight yet removable opening in the two flotation air chambers that will allow ventilation.

Since the job went quicker than I planned, I had time to lay the internal structure in the hull, just to test fit, and see how things will look. It is easy to imagine being out on the water under sail! Hopefully in a couple months. Total hours 53.50.


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