Thursday, February 23, 2006

Second interior coat

The interior of the hull got its second and final overall coat of epoxy. The lesson of tonight is that lighting is important. After the first coat, things looked good. Then while I was glassing and assembling the daggerboard trunk, I used the excess epoxy to give some crevices and joints a little extra coverage. With a foam brush, I really worked the joints, forcing epoxy into any gaps or voids I could find. I was satisfied with the effort, until the next morning when I opened the shop (garage) door. In the sunlight were some drips and runs that I hadn't seen, even under the glare of my 1000-watt worklights. The lighting just wasn't at the right angle. I was crestfallen the rest of the day, thinking about the flaws in what I had thought was a superb job. So tonight, a few deft touches with a belt sanded and 120-grit paper made quick work of the drips. Then I was off and running on the second coat. This one finally filled the weave of the bottom glass, and sealed the lapstrake joints once and for all.

I'll take a well earned day off tomorrow to celebrate the week's end with my wife at our favorite pizza joint. Then this weekend comes the permanent installation of the bulkheads and daggerboard trunk/seat unit. Total Hours 54.50.


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