Saturday, March 11, 2006

A wooden boat is born

I read this morning that a new wooden boat is nearing her launch. The Godspeed is a reproduction vessel modeled after one that brought some of the first European settlers to North America. She was built by Rockport Marine in Maine, and the company web site describes the project:
Godspeed is a replica of one of the three-boat flotilla that came from England to America in 1607 to found what became the first successful English colony in the New World. She is being built by Rockport Marine for the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation of Williamsburg, Virginia, and will be used as a fully operational display vessel at the Jamestown Settlement living-history museum. Her design was created by Tri-Coastal Marine of Richmond, California.

A nice pictorial of the Godspeed's move from the shops to the shoreline, and the stepping of her main mast is here.

As for my own, somewhat smaller boat building project, I hope to return to it tomorrow. We have weekend guests visiting, and I am doing my Chicagoan's rendition of southern hospitality. More soon: stay tuned!


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how many hours/week on average do you think you have been putting in on yourPMD?

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